Eve Torres

Eve Torres (wwe Diva): A Real Empowered Beauty

Over the years, the WWE began to add more than just Blonde beauties into their roster. Now, beauties like that of Eve TOrres (wwe Diva) brought spice into the ring. Starting as WWE reporter last 2008, Eve Torres really showed she is someone to contend with, within and outside the ring. She is not the assistant general manager of WWE’s SmackDown for nothing.

Who is Eve Torres (WWE Diva)?

Eve Marie Torres, the sexy Eve WWE Diva, is more than a beautiful face and body. She is a sports woman in and out. This 28-year-old WWE Diva is living her life to fullest as a dancer, actress, professional wrestler and a model. Not only that, she is also a blue belt Jiu-Jitsu and is an avid kickboxing participant. And to top all that, she is into women self defense empowerment program as well.

Eve spent her childhood in Denver Colorado although she was born in Boston. This Latina beauty is actually a mix of German, Swedish and Nicaraguan. As Eve Torres (WWE Diva), she is cast as one of the villain, a woman who uses her beauty to seduce men to gain power. However, this beauty is far from being conniving in real life as she is very active in helping programs for the empowerment of women. And her 100% scholarship in the University of Southern California when she attended there proved her possession of good brains behind a very lovely face.

Eve Torres Career

Ever Torres is a very sexy woman. The entire world can see this fact as hot Eve Torres pictures grace the internet and promotional billboards for the WWE. But Eve has worked hard to reach where she is right now. She started out as a model/dancer and danced as spirit dancer for basket ball associations in California. Her beauty also graced some television shows such as the Sunset Tan, Stars Earn Stripes, Deal or no Deal and Show me the money.

Her career as Eve Torres (WWE Diva) started in 207 when she won the Diva Search that year. She began as back stage interviewer. The most noted interview she has done was with Batista. Before she began her wrestling career, she participated in dance competitions as well as bikini contests. Only in 2009 was she truly participated in a wrestling match.

She was the WWE Divas Champion for 69 days in April of 2010 and again, in January 2011 held the title as Diva Champion until April 2011. Her career continued to rise as she became Executive Administrator last April 2012 of SmackDown and Raw and later in August became the WWE’s Raw Assistant General Manager.

Eve Torres on the Go

Eve is a busy and empowered woman. She teaches other women to take care of themselves and face life head on. She shows how she lives a full life with all the she had accomplished in WWE. And not only this, she is also participating in other reality show like the Stars Earn Stripes. She is a real beauty inside and out not only as Eve Torres (WWE Diva) but also as a figure of empowered women of today.

Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva): WWE Own Amazon Beauty
Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva) personifies what WWE beauty should be. A wrestler from the start, Beth Phoenix is made to be in the spotlight in the WWE world. Just one look of Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva) you will know that you are facing someone who is at her element at WWE.
Who is Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva)?
Elizabeth Kocianski Carolan is the real name of Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva). She has always been passionate about wrestling and has been participating amateur wrestling competitions since high school. Her build and structure made her a dominating contender in WWE.
This WWE Amazon beauty is pure Polish who was born in the US and spent her childhood in Elmira, New York. Ironically enough, a coloring contest in which she won made her fall in love with wrestling. She was 11 at that time when she won the tickets to WWF television taping tickets.
As a high school student, she was always into sports. She took on a liking of running track and field and was not bad at playing tennis. And she was already a beauty then and was voted in her senior high school as the prom queen.
Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva) on the Rise
Trained by the All Knighters in wrestling, Beth Phoenix was always confident in her wrestling prowess. That is why she joined a lot of independent wrestling match since 2001 and became the GLORY Champion. And even before that, in her Amateur wrestling matches in 1999, Beth Phoenix won twice as a Women’s Champion.
She auditioned for WWE in 2004 and started a career in OVW or Ohio Valley wrestling. By 2005, she went into contract with WWE and debuted on RAW last 2006. She, however, stopped for a while in 2007 when she had a jaw injury. But when Beth Phoenix returned from healing her wounds, she was dubbed as The Glamazon in WWE when she became the first Women’s Champion and held on the title for six months. She continued on winning and held on the title two more times after the first.
Beth Phoenix clearly dominated the Divas as she is a rare beauty who can really wrestle. In 2011, for the first time, she was able to hold the title as Divas Champion of WWE. She might not be visible in the Summer Slam promotions due to some reasons but there is no question about Beth Phoenix rise in WWE.
A Rare Amazon Beauty in the Divas WWE
Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva) is one sexy diva. Many hot Beth Phoenix pictures and images filled WWE promotional billboards. You can easily find more hot Beth Phoenix pictures online too. Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva) is all curves and fantastic muscle tone, perfect for a WWE diva.
Tough beauty, a modern Amazon beauty, that is who Beth Phoenix (WWE Diva) is in the ring and even outside. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken a degree of Criminal Justice and Public relation in Canisius College. Yes, Sexy Beth WWE is one hot tough woman who wouldn’t back out from any challenges a WWE Diva face all the time.