Kelly Kelly

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Multi-talented and multi-gifted could be the best words that would describe 22-year old sweet Barbara Jean. She is gorgeous, tall, a great dancer, a talented model, and not to forget a wrestling diva. No wonder, she was a Hawaiian Tropic bikini middle who has a broadcast journalism degree tucked under her belt, even before she became a wrestling diva.

Better known inside the ring as Kelly Kelly, Ms. Blank is definitely not missing details when it comes to her interesting rise to fame. Tall and beautiful, she signed for a modeling contract in Ohio, where World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) talent scouts spotted her and contacted her agency. The young lady had no previous wrestling experience then, but WWE was determined to get her as talent.

She started as a ring announcer and then, as referee, and eventually, as a wrestling diva. One of her very firsts in-ring action was in the OVW TV video where she competed in the Battle Royale.

June 13, 2006 marked the hot date when “Kelly Kelly” formally debuted for the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Only 19 years old then, she was the youngest wrestling diva on WWE, where she was given the character of an exhibitionist. She immediately became a crowd favorite with her striptease dancing acts.

In August of the same year, Kelly Kelly made her ECW in-ring debut in ECW on Sci-Fi as a member of a mixed tag team. In July 2008, she was assigned in Raw with Mickie James as her first partner in a tag team match. She also appeared in the SmackDown! Divas and Armageddon. Today, Kelly Kelly continues to be a top crowd drawer in Raw.

Eve Torres

Eve Torres (wwe Diva): A Real Empowered Beauty

Over the years, the WWE began to add more than just Blonde beauties into their roster. Now, beauties like that of Eve TOrres (wwe Diva) brought spice into the ring. Starting as WWE reporter last 2008, Eve Torres really showed she is someone to contend with, within and outside the ring. She is not the assistant general manager of WWE’s SmackDown for nothing.

Who is Eve Torres (WWE Diva)?

Eve Marie Torres, the sexy Eve WWE Diva, is more than a beautiful face and body. She is a sports woman in and out. This 28-year-old WWE Diva is living her life to fullest as a dancer, actress, professional wrestler and a model. Not only that, she is also a blue belt Jiu-Jitsu and is an avid kickboxing participant. And to top all that, she is into women self defense empowerment program as well.

Eve spent her childhood in Denver Colorado although she was born in Boston. This Latina beauty is actually a mix of German, Swedish and Nicaraguan. As Eve Torres (WWE Diva), she is cast as one of the villain, a woman who uses her beauty to seduce men to gain power. However, this beauty is far from being conniving in real life as she is very active in helping programs for the empowerment of women. And her 100% scholarship in the University of Southern California when she attended there proved her possession of good brains behind a very lovely face.

Eve Torres Career

Ever Torres is a very sexy woman. The entire world can see this fact as hot Eve Torres pictures grace the internet and promotional billboards for the WWE. But Eve has worked hard to reach where she is right now. She started out as a model/dancer and danced as spirit dancer for basket ball associations in California. Her beauty also graced some television shows such as the Sunset Tan, Stars Earn Stripes, Deal or no Deal and Show me the money.

Her career as Eve Torres (WWE Diva) started in 207 when she won the Diva Search that year. She began as back stage interviewer. The most noted interview she has done was with Batista. Before she began her wrestling career, she participated in dance competitions as well as bikini contests. Only in 2009 was she truly participated in a wrestling match.

She was the WWE Divas Champion for 69 days in April of 2010 and again, in January 2011 held the title as Diva Champion until April 2011. Her career continued to rise as she became Executive Administrator last April 2012 of SmackDown and Raw and later in August became the WWE’s Raw Assistant General Manager.

Eve Torres on the Go

Eve is a busy and empowered woman. She teaches other women to take care of themselves and face life head on. She shows how she lives a full life with all the she had accomplished in WWE. And not only this, she is also participating in other reality show like the Stars Earn Stripes. She is a real beauty inside and out not only as Eve Torres (WWE Diva) but also as a figure of empowered women of today.